How it Works
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Once an offer is accepted, the seller sends the shoes to us for authenticity verification.

stichingshoes 2

Our experts then examine the shoes throughly from the color to the stitching and box label.

fund 3

Once verified, the shoes are sent to the buyer and the funds release to the seller.


Buy an item at the lowest asking price or place a bid that a seller can accept. Your item will then be shipped to our warehouse for further authentication. Once your items are verified by our team of experts, they will be shipped to you.


Sell an item at the highest bid, or, place an ask that a buyer can accept. BRED will send you a shipping label which requires you to ship your items within 2 business days. Once we received your items at our warehouse, it will then be authenticated by our team of experts. Your funds will then be released!

Customer Protection

All purchases on BRED. are covered by our guarantee to provide you 100% authentic sneakers. Our team of experts utilize a two-step verification process to ensure your items meet our highest standard. If you have any concerns about your purchase, contact us within 3 days of receiving your item.